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All For Paws is a company specialized in designing unique products for Pets.

Our pet lover team is always trying the best to design products that will satisfy pets needs as well as being suited to the ever-changing lifestyle of their owners.

We are proud to develop product collections that are meaningful and have a story to tell our brand followers.

Brand: AFP Model: 847922024963-1
This carboard scratcher is the perfect plane for cats to scratch or lay on...
AFP Catzilla Infinity Scratcher M 72.5L X 27W X 17.5H CM
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Brand: AFP Model: 847922024970-1
This carboard scratcher is the perfect place to scratch or to lay on...
AFP Catzilla Tubster Cat Furniture
-3 % Out Of Stock
Brand: AFP Model: 847922024918-1
This Giant cat furniture will make any cat crazy for it. With surface to scratch and places to hide, this will be your cat new favorite spot. Size (Cm) : L 40 x W 40 x H 90..
RM379.00 RM390.00
AFP Catzilla Wave Scratcher 55L X 35W X 15H CM
Out Of Stock
Brand: AFP Model: 847922024949-1
This cardboard scratcher is the perfect surface for your cat to scratch or to lay on...
AFP Classic Comfort AON Scratch Post with Wand 30 X 30 X 59CM
Out Of Stock
Brand: AFP Model: 847922021702-1
The ultimate scratching post for cats!Equipped with naturally sustainable burlap for optimum crab pleasure! On top of this scratching post is a toy with natural feathers and leather that is practically irresistible for every cat...
Brand: AFP Model: 847922045678-1
This red Grilled Pork Rib is a durable chew toy for dogs. Made of a combination of both strong and hard nylon and soft TPR it will motivate dogs to play longer. With its tasty color caramel and chicken flavor, it will help redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime...
Brand: AFP Model: 847922030797-1
This is a small and soft toys specially designed so dogs can have the benefit of a comforting soft toy to carry around and yet durable for chewing. The material and colors have been specially chosen so the toy is durable and attractive for dogs, and also their owner...
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