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11 Jan Top 5 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog
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In Malaysia, 24 hours and 365 days are summer days. It gives us more opportunities to play with our dogs. Besides daily walks in the parks, these game..
17 Sep Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?
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Our feline friends are quite lazy; we noticed they spend most of their time napping. As responsible owners, we might get worried about how much time t..
15 Sep How Long Does A Cat Live?
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The life expectancy of a cat depends, to a large extent, on the attention we devote to them. It is our responsibility to ensure that our feline friend..
10 Sep Why Do Cats Hate Water?
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Cats are known for being highly hygienic and excellent groomers. Still, when it comes to bathing, they don't usually like it very much.  Why do cats d..
09 Sep Why Do Cats Love Boxes?
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Have you ever wondered why cats favor sleeping in cheap cardboard boxes rather than the adorable bed you bought? Our feline friends are drawn to conta..
08 Sep Can Your Dog Feel Guilty?
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We got home from a difficult day in the office, and we noticed Fido was acting strange. We automatically know, Fido did something he was not supposed ..
04 Sep Why Do Cats Eat Grass?
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We know cats are obligate carnivores, they are built to hunt and chase small prey. Cats cannot produce certain nutrients; thus, they need to get what ..
03 Sep Can My Dog Be Left Pawed?
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Ten percent of the human population are lefties! Why does it happen? Scientists theorize this phenomenon as an evolutionary event, as the left side of..
01 Sep Are Dogs Capable of Feeling Jealous?
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We know dogs are capable of primal emotions such as anger, fear, or excitement. But are they able to feel more complex emotions like regret, grief, or..
27 Aug What To Do When Your Cat Is Overweight
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We all love to cuddle with our feline friends and feel its belly on our faces. It feels so soft and smooth! Due to us loving our cats a bit too much, ..
20 Aug Top 5 Celebrities With Cats (2020)
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Cats are awesome, cats are cool, yes yes we get it! Cats have become such a world sensation to own in this modern world, that A-listers have used this..
19 Aug 6 Popular Dog Breeds in Malaysia (2020)
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It is not out of the norm if you see the increasing number of friends around you who own a dog nowadays. Dogs are always a man's best friend and they ..
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