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BowWow 3KG Soft Lamb Adult Soft Pet Food
-10 %
By: Bowwow Model: 8809039029592-1
Improve the quality of Pet's skin & hair quality - Included Omega 3 &6, Good for skin and hair care, helping maintain and grow beautiful hair.Enhance the digestive system - Unique soft structure, the pet easily digested and absorbed, fresh, your pets will LOVE it.Healthy bone development - chrondoit..
RM71.80 RM79.80
BowWow 3KG Soft Pet Food Adult Salmon & Chicken Dry Dog Food
-10 %
By: Bowwow Model: 8809039029608-1
Chondroitin and glucosamine to assist and enhance dog bone structure.This Premium Standard pet food only select fresh Mutton, Because it unique soft structure enable your pet efficient and effective digestion. Besides, the fresh salmon also make your dog happy and appetite with the meal.This food co..
RM71.80 RM79.80
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