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Brit Care Cat Lucky I'm Vital AdultChicken & Rice 7 KG Dry Cat Food

Brit Care Cat Lucky I'm Vital AdultChicken & Rice 7 KG Dry Cat Food
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Brit Care Cat Lucky I'm Vital AdultChicken & Rice 7 KG Dry Cat Food
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SUPER PREMIUM Hypoallergenic Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Cats

I’ve reached adulthood and I live in a house by a river with a dog and a human. Occasionally, I run off to explore the woods on the other side, and when I get hungry I come and see what’s in my bowl. It contains food that smells and tastes amazing.

Because I like meat and treats, it is important to keep my teeth in perfect condition. Vitamin effectively dissolves bacteria in the oral cavity, while sodium hexametaphosphate prevents the excessive build-up of plaque and tartar.

Psyllium, one of the most efficient natural fibres, is important for my proper digestion.

Arginine and taurine, for their part, keep me in tiptop condition. After all, I have a lot of running around to do.

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Title : Brit Care Cat Lucky I'm Vital AdultChicken & Rice 7 KG Dry Cat Food

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ABOUT Brit Care

Brit Care super-premium Dog Food 

Dogs are as sensitive to the negative effects of modern civilization as humans are. Stress is a common factor in the occurrence of many serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, treatment of which is often complicated and very costly.

Brit Care super-premium pet food has been developed to protect the body against negative environmental influences. It starts with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, such as lamb, salmon, herring, duck, and rabbit to produce balanced, hypoallergenic formulas that prevent food intolerances and are easy to digest. Brit Care also contains functional components that support immunity, improve overall condition, and help eliminate the risk of serious disease.

Brit Care super-premium Cat Food 

Cats differ from each other like humans do. They have different needs according to their age, the place where they live or their specific traits and demands. You can‘t find two identical cats in the world. Every cat is a strong individual with a unique personality. The way they live, along with their daily routine and needs, represents a key clue for us to develop new formulas. Brit Care pays attention to cats’ general needs as well as to their individual demands. We are introducing cat food developed to meet cats’ unique personalities and their life stories.

Brit Fresh Meat

Brit Fresh is a new line of holistic pet foods carefully produced with large amounts of fresh meat and to her nutritious ingredients. The formulas are rich in natural sources of amino acids for healthy muscles and tissues, and the freshly prepared meat gives them fantastic flavour, improves long-term food intake, and provides dogs with excellent motivation. They also contain natural vegetables, fruits, and herbs to balance the overall nutrient profile. The selection of daily varieties is sure to please every canine lover of good and wholesome food.