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ProBalance® is an International brand that was founded in 2011. Since our inception, they have been devoted to producing Uncompromising Pet Nutrition for pets so they can have more meaningful memories together.

Their commitments to produce the highest quality products ensured that we maintain strict packing regulations to serve our customers with fresh and natural products. We are driven to continuously improve our product formulations, offering unique feeding experiences for furkids of all life stages.

Probalance 415G Chicken In Gravy Wet Dog Food Can
-8 %
By: ProBalance Model: 9555544201167-1
ProBalance® recipe of Chicken In Gravy  is a high quality tasty complete pet food. It packed packed with essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals that your canine need. More importantly, it is low in fat, spices & sodium contain, making it a perfect nutritious treat. ..
RM4.50 RM4.90
ProBalance Beef 400G Wet Dog Food X 24 Cans
-5 %
By: ProBalance Model: 9555544201075-24
ProBalance® Beef Flavour With Veggie is rich in beef and red meat that good kind for your dog’s consumption. Red Meat is rich in protein as well as vitamins B ; that aids in digestion, as well as riboflavin for healthy skin and eyes, Vitamin D for strengthened internal immunity and not to mention ir..
RM111.90 RM117.60
ProBalance Chicken 400G Wet Dog Food X 24 Cans
-5 %
By: ProBalance Model: 9555544201068-24
ProBalance® Chicken With Veggie is the best meal you can give to your dog. Chicken meat is high content of protein which helps to build strong immunity and overall body mass and muscle. Not to mention, chicken essence from the chicken meat is very important for a healthy heart & it helps in the circ..
RM111.90 RM117.60
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