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By: Habitrail Model: 080605627000-1
Lock connectors to keep your pet's home safe and secureBuilt with elastomer comfort gripAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessoriesMeasures 3 inches diameter, 0.5 inches width..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626553-1
Habitrail OVO Mini Maze is an add-on unit that increases living space and enhances your hamster’s living and playing experiences.The OVO Mini Maze consists of 1 white base with clear top and turquoise door, 1 elbow, 2 lock connectors, and 1 chewable cardboard mini maze insert.OVO offers a variety of..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626102-1
Habitrail OVO Suite is a main habitat living space that provides an ideal home and play environment specifically designed for hamsters.The OVO Suite consists of a cage with an opaque white bottom, an orange retractable roof, an opaque orange wheel, stairs, a feeding bowl, a turquoise water bottle, a..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627055-1
10 inch tube allows for endless paths to be builtEasy viewing of your pet exploringAttaches easily to a variety of Habitrail productsMeasures 10 inches length..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605628151-1
New Habitrail® Twist is the latest and greatest Habitrail® home for hamsters. The Twist features many cool design innovations that you and your small pet will love.A unique oblong-shaped, hybrid habitat, the Twist consists of a combination of wire framing and clear plastic components that allows you..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627109-1
Provides new direction in your hamster's homeEasy viewing of your pet exploringSafe and secureIncludes plastic U-Turn and Connector RingAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessories..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627017-1
Allows you to easily block off paths or openings3 pack in a variety of colors: orange, blue and limePerforations improve airflow and ventilationAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessoriesMeasures 2.5 inches diameter, 0.25 inches width..
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