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Hamster & Rat

By: Habitrail Model: 080605628205-1
Durable, safe, and comfortable hamster houseHamster cage comes with hamster hideout to satisfy a hamster’s natural need to explore and hideEasy to clean and designed to provide excellent air circulationAllows easy connection to other Habitrail items, such as the Habitrail Hamster Tunnels, using our ..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626638-1
Habitrail OVO Home, Blue Edition is a complete hamster habitat that consists of a transparent cage and accessories. This habitat includes a blue cage, a green food dish, a green cozy hideaway cube, 2 OVO blue windows, 2 OVO blue lock connectors, a green OVO water bottle and a green OVO trainer (exte..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626645-1
Habitrail OVO Home, Pink Edition is a complete hamster habitat that consists of a transparent cage and accessories. This habitat includes a pink cage, a purple food dish, a purple cozy hideaway cube, 2 OVO pink windows, 2 OVO pink lock connectors, a purple OVO water bottle and a purple OVO trainer (..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627000-1
Lock connectors to keep your pet's home safe and secureBuilt with elastomer comfort gripAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessoriesMeasures 3 inches diameter, 0.5 inches width..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626553-1
Habitrail OVO Mini Maze is an add-on unit that increases living space and enhances your hamster’s living and playing experiences.The OVO Mini Maze consists of 1 white base with clear top and turquoise door, 1 elbow, 2 lock connectors, and 1 chewable cardboard mini maze insert.OVO offers a variety of..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605626102-1
Habitrail OVO Suite is a main habitat living space that provides an ideal home and play environment specifically designed for hamsters.The OVO Suite consists of a cage with an opaque white bottom, an orange retractable roof, an opaque orange wheel, stairs, a feeding bowl, a turquoise water bottle, a..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627055-1
10 inch tube allows for endless paths to be builtEasy viewing of your pet exploringAttaches easily to a variety of Habitrail productsMeasures 10 inches length..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627109-1
Provides new direction in your hamster's homeEasy viewing of your pet exploringSafe and secureIncludes plastic U-Turn and Connector RingAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessories..
By: Habitrail Model: 080605627017-1
Allows you to easily block off paths or openings3 pack in a variety of colors: orange, blue and limePerforations improve airflow and ventilationAttaches to other Habitrail OVO accessoriesMeasures 2.5 inches diameter, 0.25 inches width..
HAGEN Original Plus 1KG Hamster & Gerbil Food
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By: Hagen Model: 080605606326-1
Contains a rich blend of haysContains optimal levels of fibre to support a healthy digestive systemFortified with Vitamin C..
RM14.90 RM14.90
Oxbow Fortified Nutrition Hamster & Gerbil Food 454g/1lbs
-5 %
By: Oxbow Animal Health Model: 744845302096-1
Oxbow’s Essentials - Hamster & Gerbil Food is formulated with the guidance of top exotics veterinarians to meet your pet hamster or gerbil’s unique nutritional needs. We combine hand-selected Timothy Hay with wholesome barley and oats to provide vital nutrients that support daily function and perfor..
RM34.00 RM35.90
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