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Healthy cat food is not only based on fresh meat. Natural products with health-promoting properties and substances are indispensable for aiding optimum and species-appropriate metabolism. The Happy Cat Natural Life Concept combines these ingredients, ensuring that your cat is supplied with everything needed to benefit the body holistically – from a strong immune system to a healthy coat.

Supreme and La Cuisine products from Happy Cat contain the unique Happy Cat Natural Life Concept.

Our Natural Life Concept is a further development of our proven Happy Cat LifePlus Concept. To keep the ingredients gluten-free, we now no longer use fermented grains. And we have stopped using wild garlic too. Instead, our blend of herbs now contains milk thistle, which is credited with supporting liver function. 

Happy Cat Junior Geflugel (Poultry) 10KG Dry Cat Food
-18 %
By: Happy Cat Model: 4001967113686-1
Small biscuitsRecipe adapted for optimal development90% animal protein based on total proteinWith tasty poultryJunior PoultryWith 90% animal protein based on total protein - ideal for sensitive young catsHappy Cat Junior Poultry is the ideal food for young cats from 4 to 12 months. The recipe is ada..
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