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Brand: HIMALAYA Model: 8901138501310
Advantages:- Canisep Acts as antimicrobial agentInhibits the growth of micro-organisms- Acts as a vulnerary agentHastens the process of wound healing- Acts as a antimaggot agentControls maggot infestation..
Brand: HIMALAYA Model: 8901138832018
Furglow oral coat conditioner is a special ayurvedic formula which supports the health of your pet’s skin and coat from the inside. The ingredients are derived from nature and blended together to form an optimum solution to nourish the skin and coat of the pet. Your pet’s skin and coat are a dire..
Brand: HIMALAYA Model: 8901138501297
Nefrotec is a combination of herbs that provide urinary antiseptic, prevention and removal of stones in bladder or kidneys (antilithic), and diuretic (increased production of urine) properties. Both dogs and cats can experience bladder and kidney issues, including urinary tract infections, stones..
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