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Purina One

Purina One is a high quality dry cat food formulated to help your cat live longer. Try the Purina One 3-week challenge to see visible difference in your cat’s health. All PURINA ONE® dry cat food products contain ACTILEA®, a unique formula designed to help keep your cat’s natural defences strong and start acting from within. The ACTILEA® formula delivers a wave of positive effects to help support your cat’s health, so you can enjoy her visibly great condition, knowing she’s great on the inside, too. 

Purina One is formualated to ensure and improve your cat’s health through six signs of health. 

1) Body Condition -  ensure condition stay’s constant across all sizes and breeds 

2) Digestion – ensuring your cat stool is firmer and small this ensures nutrition from food is well absorbed 

3) Skin, Coat & Eyes – a well groomed coat not only makes your cat looks beautiful but ensures they are comfortable and less likely to be infected by parasites 

4) Immune System – ensuring your cat will have , clear & bright eyes, resistance to disease and responds better to vaccine 

5) Dental Health – By helping to reduce tartar build up, Purina One is able to effectively minimize the risk of Oral disease in your cat. More than 60% of cat’s end up having oral disease

6) Bone and Joint Health –  Once your cat reaches adult hood your cat bones are constantly restructuring themselves , hence it is important to provide them with a diet that contains essential minerals and vitamins to ensure the right bone growth.

Currently  in Malaysia, Purina One comes in 3 variety : 

1) Purina One Kitten 

2) Purina One Indoor 

3) Purina One Adult Tuna 

Shop Purina One  dry cat food online in Malaysia with and get free shipping. At we carry a full range of Purina one products at affordable prices with fast shipping and convenient pick up options we ensure your pet will never run out of Purina One cat food. If you are unable to find Purina One  dry cat food in a pet shop near you ,rest assured you will always be able to find it at 

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