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Chipsi Carefresh 5in1 Confetti 10l Small Animal Bedding
-5 %
By: Chipsi Model: 066380001327-1
cuddly softwarming extra dry hygienicstimulating..
RM46.00 RM48.50
EXOTERRA Glass Terrarium For Reptiles 45*45*45CM EXOTERRA Glass Terrarium For Reptiles 45*45*45CM
-10 %
By: Exo Terra Model: 015561226059-1
Natural Terrarium Small/Wide45 x 45 x 45 cm / 18” x 18” x 18” (WxDxH)Front window ventilation (1)Dual doors for an escape-free access (2)Waterproof bottom (3)Raised bottom frame (4)Stainless steel mesh cover (5)Locks to prevent escape (6)Easy-twist screen cover lock (7)Closable inlets for wires and/..
RM325.50 RM361.70
By: Habitrail Model: 080605628151-1
New Habitrail® Twist is the latest and greatest Habitrail® home for hamsters. The Twist features many cool design innovations that you and your small pet will love.A unique oblong-shaped, hybrid habitat, the Twist consists of a combination of wire framing and clear plastic components that allows you..
Trixie Bark Wood Leif labyrinth house
-28 %
By: Trixie Model: 4011905062013-1
playing and sleeping housewith ramp and 4 chambers, 2 with darkened sleeping areawith bottom in the sleeping chambersremovable roofbark woodmeasurement 35x11x25CMsuitable for mice and hamsters..
RM132.20 RM183.50
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