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Why Wet Cat Food? Wet Cat Food provides a high moisture content, which is beneficial to cats with urinary tract problems, diabetes, or kidney disease. Due to that, it can curb your cats' low thirst drive, due to their evolution as desert animals. Try to mix your wet cat food with dry food to ensure a well balanced and nutritious meal plan for your cat or kitten, as cats usually do not drink enough water which may lead to kidney and urinary issues. At, we make it even more convenient for pet parents to purchase their cat wet food, either through online delivery with free shipping at affordable prices or through our stores in Sunway, Klang, Shah Alam,Bandar Sri Damansara, Wangsa Maju and Cheras. At we carry all the brands of wet cat food, if you cannot find it in a pet shop near me you can your convenience at We carry a wide variety of wet cat food brands at, ranging from economic to super premium cat food brands from around the world. Some of the top brands we carry are Aixia, Brit Premium, Carnilove, CIAO, Cindy's Recipe, Fancy Feast, Felix, FUSSIE CAT, Hills Science Diet, Kit Cat, Kucinta, Nekko, Prodiet, Royal Canin, Sheba, Snappy Tom, Whiskas and many more. Which Wet Cat Food Should I Choose ? There are several factors pet lovers and pet parents should consider,whilst choosing a specific brand of wet cat food. Depending on your cat life stage, activity levels, and any specific issues there are many choices available. For kittens, it is usually best to choose a brand, with specific formulas for life stage as kittens usually require higher protein levels. Some of the recommended products will be Brit Premium Kitten, Whiskas Kitten, Cindys Recipe Kitten and Royal Canin Cat Kitten. For indoor cats, which usually less active versus outdoor cats it is important to choose the right protein levels and calorie levels to avoid overweight health issues which will lead to expensive veterinary bill.As your cats mature older it is important to slowly change their diet. Remember, each feline has different palatability and different needs, so always allow for proper transition to new wet food based on the recommendation of the brands. Why shop wet cat food brands at ? is an online pet shop in Malaysia offering the lowest prices and widest range of wet cat food with free shipping. There are many choices at and we offer super-fast delivery in Malaysia and also pick up in-store delivery option. Whether you are in Shah Alam, Cheras, Bukit Damansara, Bangsar, Klang, Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Petaling Jaya, Kota Damansra, Sungai Buloh, Subang, Puchong, Segambut, Seri Kembangan, Wangsa Maju, Ampang, Setapak, Kuantan, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Selangor and are looking for a pet shop near me, offers the most convenient way in Malaysia to shop dry cat food or any pet supplies in Malaysia. Remember you can also shop the best dry cat food, best cat litter boxes, cat toys, cat trees and the cheapest cat litter at

Wet Cat Food

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