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New Zealand Made.

Zeal® Pet foods are made in New Zealand from locally sourced 100% natural ingredients. New Zealand’s primary export industry is agriculture and dairy, and has a mature beef, venison, poultry, and seafood industry. Pastoral (free range/grass fed) farming of beef, sheep, venison, and subsequently dairy, is standard practice in this country of rich pasture land. With all of this in our backyard, it’s no wonder we have access to source top quality ingredients.

Zeal Cow's Milk For Dogs & Cats 380ml
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By: Zeal Model: 9421019150523-1
Cats and dogs love cows’ milk but find it difficult to digest the lactose (milk sugar). ZEAL® New Zealand Lactose Free Pet Milk is made from 99.5% lactose free cows’ milk and is easy to digest while maintaining all the natural goodness and taste of cows’ milk.Gluten Free  •  Low AllergenHigh Protein..
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