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Translated from Greek, Zoë means life, and an energy filled, healthy life is what we want for every pet. That’s why our pet food products are packed full of nature’s “good for them” ingredients. Zoë, natural pet food products for a healthier, more active, fun-filled life.

When you feed Zoë, you can be confident that you are treating your pet well.


For some people life is about how much they have going on. To us it’s also about life’s simple pleasures, like the time you take with your dog or cat. The kind of moments that show them how much you love them so that they can love you back. And love is what Zoë is all about.

Pure and simple food with natural ingredients that come in a variety of fun flavours your pet will love. Mix them up so your pet doesn’t give you the “I’m bored look” at mealtime. They’ll love you for it. Make it good. Make it healthy. Make it with love. Make it Zoë.

Zoe Daily Nutrition Chicken with Sweet Potato & Quinoa 1.36KG Cat Dry Food
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Zoë dry cat food is a great source of protein. Found in its deboned chicken and eggs and paired with select vegetables and grains, Zoë is chock full of essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients required to help your pet live a long and healthy life...
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Zoe Indoor Formula Turkey with Peas & Russet Potato 1.36KG Cat Dry Food
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By: Zoe Model: 022517525760-1
Zoë’s dry food formula for indoor cats boasts protein from quality deboned turkey and farm fresh eggs. Paired with a variety of vegetables and grains this delicious combination loads the food with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This mouth-watering recipe has reduced fat content and contains fi..
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